Backflow devices are tools that help to prevent pollution that results from portable water flowing backwards. Water systems have to be maintained at a certain pressure so that the water consistently flows in the direction that is required. There are two main types of back flows. These are back pressure and back siphonage. 

Back pressure occurs when the pressure downstream of the device is higher than the pressure upstream. A good example of this kind of pressure is the water hammer. On the other hand, Back siphonage takes place when the vacuum created upstream is sucked backwards together with the water. Different backflow devices are designed in such a way that they can uniquely cater for a specific backflow. Below are some types of tools one can use to help prevent this type of water backflow.

Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer 

This is one of the most recommended backflow preventer devices in the market. It is perfect for residential lawn irrigation systems because of how reliable it is. It reduces the danger that comes with sprinklers to a great extent by allowing application of chemicals and fertilizer, which is not common in all devices. In most cases, it is used in risky situations, and they ought to be set at least 12 inches above the ground. Know more about lawn sprinker backflow prevention device repair. 

Double Check Backflow Preventer 

This type of preventer is very affordable. It allows the flow of clean water, which is not susceptible to contaminants. This is the best option for those individuals who prefer their backflow devices below the ground or in a basement. The fact that it can be stored below the ground ensures that it can stay in good condition because it is protected from freezing. 

Pressure Vacuum Breaker 

This kind of backflow preventer can be installed with one breaker to cater for the whole irrigation system. In most cases, it is put up on the main line six inches above the highest sprinkler. Most individuals prefer this particular device. 

Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker 


In comparison to all other devices, this is the cheapest backflow preventer. They are usually installed at least six inches above the highest sprinkler. When using this type of a vacuum breaker, it is always recommended that you purchase at least one unit of each control valve in the irrigation system. for those who feel the need to save on costs when using this vacuum breaker, reducing the number of control valves makes it more cost effective. Check out the Febco 765 repair kit for more details.